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Hotel Narsaq Aps


Hotel Narsaq Aps

Ikkunneqarpoq: 14-01-2022
Piffissaq atuuffissaa naassaaq: 24-01-2022
Suliffissamut ID normut: 330982900
Atorfeqarnermi atugassarititaasut: Tamakkiisoq
Suliassaqarfik: Allat
Atorfiup taaguutaa: Brygmester
Misilittakkat - Annertunerusumik: Altmuligmand
Tuluttut Atuarneq/ oqalunneq

QajaQ brewery

The QajaQ brewery, Greenlands main craft brewery located in the beautiful town of Narsaq in South
Greenland, has an immediate opening on our team for a Brewer.

We are looking for an experienced, motivated individual with a passion for producing exceptional
Craft beer.

About us:
QajaQ Brewery is Greenlands main craft brewery.  We value our community and take pride in being
a strong community partner.  We are a high performing and results driven environment with an
unrelenting work ethic.  We’re fast paced, creative, and self-driven. While we have high
expectations for our employees and ourselves, we endeavor to create a fun supportive environment
where we all can excel.


Summary of Job position:The Brewer will be responsible for performing normal brewing
operations including, but not limited to, wort production, dryhopping, finning and filtration,
carbonation and packaging in accordance with the QajaQ Brewery SOP’s. PM, weekend shifts and
Packaging line work as needed.

Duties and Resonsibities:
Handling of Raw material and Wort production
Yeast harvesting/counting cells/sampling for lab work
Performing  Gravity checks, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Co2 readings
Prepping FV’s, BBT’s and yeast brinks for use
Filtration, Finning and transferring
Perform/maintain weekly raw materials inventories
Maintaining a clean and safe workplace
Upholding quality standards per SOP’s
Performing other related duties as required
Maintain accurate written and electronic records
Recipe development with Head Brewer

Job Qualifications:
Commitment to high quality standards
Outright hatred of DO!
Minimum 2 years in production brewing/cellar work
A positive attitude and strong work ethic
Strong knowledge of brewing process
Be able to work in a fast-paced environment
Attention to detail and quality
Safely handle brewery chemicals
Ability to follow written and verbal instructions

Physical Requirements: Required to perform this job successfully.
Ability to bend, kneel, climb stairs, and stand for long periods.
Safely lift, move and carry up to 30kg repeatedly.
Maneuver up to 80kg and work in tight spaces.
Use ladders and work from heights
Able to work in wet, cold, hot and noisy conditions
We offer competitive salary and benefits. If you feel you are the right candidate please send resume
with work experience and references to

Please type “Brewer position” in the subject line.

No phone calls Please!

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