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Hotel SØMA

Deputy Manager - Hotel SØMA Aasiaat

Hotel SØMA

Ikkunneqarpoq: 18-05-2024
Piffissaq atuuffissaa naassaaq: 11-06-2024
Suliffissamut ID normut: 331588599
Atorfeqarnermi atugassarititaasut: Full-time
Suliassaqarfik: Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant
Atorfiup taaguutaa: Deputy Manager
Misilittakkat - Annertunerusumik: Hotel
Danish Fluent

Do you see yourself as part of the manager team in a hotel on an exciting and developing journey? Do you dream of a job with many different and challenging tasks, as well as room for personal development? Can you imagine living and working side by side, with the greatest nature experiences just outside the door? Maybe you should apply for the job as Deputy Manager at Hotel SØMA in Aasiaat. 

Hotel Søma Aasiaat is a 3-star Hotel with approximately 30 employees. We have 55 rooms, conference facilities, a hostel and also a cafeteria. The hotel is part of the Hotel SØMA chain, with sister hotels in Ilulissat, Sisimiut and Nuuk.

Aasiaat is located in the famous and beautiful Disco Bay in Greenland, and is especially known for the great conditions for sailing boats and kayaks and also for the many whales being present for sight seeing in the summer, and the perfect tracks for skiing in the winter. 

As Deputy Manager you will be part of a management team together with the Hotel Manager – This means:

  • Your day-to-day work will contain a wide range of management and administrative tasks, solved in cooperation with the hotel manager.
  • You will get responsibility for the hotels conference department and foresee the daily operation of this, as well as thinking development of this area.
  • You will get co-responsibility for the daily operations across the hotels departments and work to fulfill budgets and service goals.
  • You will contribute to continue development of the hotel and be a part of strategy work as well.
  • The hotel manager is your leader, and in situations of his/her absence, you will be the functioning leader of the hotel.

We imagine that you are bringing:

  • Relevant education OR experience that you can convert into actions
  • Desire to lead – Both within the subject of hotels and a desire to lead people. It is not a requirement that you have management experience, but you must have the desire and interest in becoming a leader.
  • A mindset ready to be a part of the management team but also take independent decisions.
  • Ability to listen, cooperate and solve the daily challenges and take projects all the way to the finish line.
  • A personality that contributes, to the hospitality, home-like and christian atmosphere in the hotel.
  • Good language skills – as a minimum you talk and write Danish and English – Greenlandic is an advantage but not a requirement.
  • Drivers License


Aim your questions at our wonderful Hotel Manager Lisbeth Hansen at this email address: .

Send your resume and application to before 30th of march 2024. 
Interviews will be held online.

Start date is no later than 1st. of may 2024.

Practical information

We are assisting with accommodation and all the logistics. Salary according to qualifications.

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