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Tankeeraq Aps

Truck drive

Tankeeraq Aps

Piffissaq atuuffissaa naassaaq: 11-04-2020
Suliffissamut ID normut: 330239227
Suliassaqarfik: Assartuussineq & ingerlasussanik piareersaaneq
Misilittakkat - Annertunerusumik: Kørekort, lastbil over 3.5 ton
Tuluttut Atuarneq/ oqalunneq/ allanneq

Truck driver

Open position as a crane, sludge and oil truck driver

We are Tankeeraq ApS. You’d be working in our transport department.  

Areas of work:

  • Driving with and operating a crane-truck
  • Driving with and operating a sludge-truck
  • Driving with and operating an oil-truck

  • Must, absolutely have a driver’s license for trucks and regular cars
  • Must have previous relevant experience
  • Must be able to speak, write and comprehend English.
  • Understanding of Greenlandic and/or Danish is much appreciated.
  • Working time is 40 hours pr. week.

Salary og terms:
To be discussed.

Housing will be made available, but is not included in the salary. Further, housing is reserved for current employees. Meaning if one stops working for the firm, for whatever reason, we can and will recover the housing made available.

Final application date is 11-04-2020

Interviews is expected to be held as soon as possible.

If you wish to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact: Carlo Lennert, transport department manager on the following email:
(If you want to know more about Greenland, see here: