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Night Shift

Sisimiut Sømandshjem

Piffissaq atuuffissaa naassaaq: 20-02-2022
Suliffissamut ID normut: 330989296
Suliassaqarfik: Akunnittarfik & neriniartarfik, Eqqiaaneq, Pisiniarfik & sullissineq
Misilittakkat - Annertunerusumik: Rengøring, Kundeservice,
Danskisut Paasisinnaavakka
Tuluttut Atuarneq/ oqalunneq
Kallaallisut Paasisinnaavakka

Night Shift


We are looking for a night shift for Hotel SØMA Sisimiut.


Hotel Seamen's Home Sisimiut is a hotel and cafeteria that has been in Greenland for over 50 years. We are the business traveler's favorite, the locals' living room and tourism's access to Greenland's beautiful nature, fantastic adventures and sweet people. But most importantly, we are a home. A home based on good Christian values and where there is space and hospitality to make everyone feel welcome.


The area of work includes:

- Monitoring of the hotel from kl. 23.00 - 07.00. Including ensuring peace and order in hotels as well as professional handling of possible conflicts.

- Servicing customers professionally.

- Carrying out various practical tasks such as waste management and preparation for the next day.

- Handling the daily cleaning in the cafeteria as well as cleaning the guest toilets. - Preparation of breakfast buffet so it looks nice every morning.



- Experiences from previous similar jobs.

- Including experience with conflict management.

- Experience with customer management and customer service.

- Experience with EDB and preferably with sales in Spectra.

- Minimum age: 18 years.

- Knowledge of kitchen work.

- Experience with previous cleaning work.


Salary and employment conditions: Salary according to qualifications.


Job interviews are expected to be held as soon as possible. If you want to know more about the position, please contact: (Christina, 563355,